Address: Pretoria, South Africa, East out on Garsfontein

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Address: Pretoria, South Africa, East out on Garsfontein

About Gooseberry

The plant bears edible fruit, great eaten fresh, dipped in melted chocolate or fondant icing. Use to decorate cheesecakes, pavlovas and gateaux.

Cook and use in pies or make into juices, smoothes, jam or jelly. The berries also compliment seafood and lamb shanks when made into a sauce as it has a beautiful crisp flavour. Due the fruit’s decorative appearance, it is also popular in restaurants as an exotic garnish for desserts. The berries are also delicious added to green salads and go well in savory dishes.

Gooseberries freeze best whole and should be used when still partially frozen. It is also easy to dry and package as dried fruit seeing that it has a long shelve live making it an ideal snack.

The berry is high in protein, contains vitamins C, A, a few B vitamins as well as iron, potassium, niacin, magnesium, calcium and zinc. Gooseberries also have pectin which assists with digestion, lowers cholesterol and prevents the increase of glucose levels in the body, making them the perfect snack for people who are sensitive to glucose.

Seeing that the Cape Gooseberry has a long shelve live of up to 25 days, it is a very good berry to market fresh to national and exporting markets.

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